The Muselman Family History

Chris and Edna Muselman
Chris and Edna Muselman

The Muselman family members are longtime residents of Berne, Indiana, a conservative Midwest community of 4,150, with strong ties to Switzerland and Germany. The first Muselman in Berne was German-born Christian (Chris) Herr Muselman, who arrived in 1910. He came to the United States from Germany as an indentured servant. After paying off the costs of his trip to America, he took a job in Berne and married Berne resident Edna Sprunger on his 20th birthday.

The couple had three daughters and two sons between 1920 and 1930. In 1925, Chris started Economy Printing. Chris' sons, Carl and Art, went to work in their father's business after graduating from college in the early 1950s.

Carl and Art, as the second generation, worked as a team to grow their father's business and bought him out in the late 1950s. During their professional careers, they saw the family business grow a thousandfold.

In the late 1990s, working closely with the second generation, the third-generation Muselmans, Carl's two sons, John and Tom, and Art's son, Roger, and daughter, Karen, crafted a succession plan designed to move them from owner-operators to owner-investors.

Roger currently serves as chairman of the DRG board of directors and Tom as president.

Art Muselman Art Muselman
Carl Muselman Carl Muselman
Roger Muselman Roger Muselman
DRG Chairman and Director
Thomas Muselman Thomas Muselman
DRG President and Director
Karen Thomas Karen Thomas
DRG Secretary
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